Michael McMillan

La historia se escribe latido a latido.

Nice to see some of the improved privacy features mentioned by Apple at WWDC but they do ring hollow given that they run Siri searches through Google!

Exploring all the options is not the issue. It’s making one of them work. — Brian Eno

Atleti Forever

Taking back my data has meant deleting a lot of posts from the corrupt social silos. I initially thought it would prove difficult but it has, in fact, been very liberating indeed. An evening well spent!

Since I began exploring the Fediverse in earnest, I have been thinking more about how to verify my identity online. Despite having reservations about their funding model, I created a Keybase profile and played around generating keys. This in turn left me with a very messy sigchain, which I wiped in order to start afresh and make everything clear. What I didn't realise is that doing this means that my sigchain no longer begins at number one, so I'd have been better just revoking these early entries. Oh well, beginner's errors and all that…

Taking back my data. Twitter seemed like such a good idea ten years ago!

Clouds build over the Universidad Laboral, quite the metaphor.

Laboral - Teatro

Laboral - Iglesia

Laboral - Entrada

Familiarising myself with Mastodon and Micro.blog, “elegant [choices] for a more civilised age.”

A quiet family day like today seems like the perfect time to become part of the Fediverse.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. — Aesop